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The Drivers

Gilgal Partners

The Drivers

Gilgal Partners

Gilgal Partners is a public interest law firm established close to two decades ago to provide quality and cutting-edge legal advice to clients, noting that for four(4) years the…Read more

Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy is a Legal Enlightenment and Social Development Firm, which flagship project is Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment® for the precious African Child by addressing, challenging, and changing our Belief System as primary and secondary caregivers and the impact of same on how we see…read more

Clients’ Roll Call

The Fountain of Life Church

Supreme Education Foundation

Chrisland Schools Limited

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Upon signing up for the Retainership scheme, a CLARITY SESSION is held with the assigned personnel (principal officers) of the engaging organizations, aimed at providing enough facts to develop an IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP, covering the entire spectrum of interventions as they relate to all the services enumerated under the Scope of Retainership above.


The fee is affordable and at the same time competitive considering the extensiveness and quality of services we bring to the engaging organizations. The same will be discussed upon an indication of Interest and our Relationship Concession Discount plays a major role in determining a win-win Retainership Fee.


The law rules all thing, and we implore you to allow us to guide you through its rulership, which is always on the side of chance but on the side of deliberate and wise efforts.

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The Drivers


One truth that many of our people are oblivious of is that the law plays a major role in every sphere of human undertaking. The operations of small business are not an exception.

Gilgal Partner’s Career Development Initiative™ (GIPCAD)

The legal profession is rich and versatile. A certificate in the university and the Nigerian law school is a license to command the world to look in our direction for professional, social, and economic succor…Read more

The Founding Partner’s Profile

Taiwo Akinlami, a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria is a social empowerment advocate and social entrepreneur, who has in the last 21 (twenty-one) years initiated and dedicated his tangible and intangible resources to many communities service-based projects…Read more