Gilgal Partners is a public interest law firm established close to two decades ago to provide quality and cutting-edge legal advice to clients, noting that for four(4) years the leadership of the firm maintained well-read columns focusing on law and its inevitable relationship with business, Social Entrepreneurship and Non-Governmental Organizations known as LAWPRENEURSHIP® for notable national dallies like the BUSINESSDAY, Daily Independent and the Sun Newspaper, providing unique perspectives to leadership, management and workforce of Businesses, Social Enterprises and Non-Governmental Organizations with matters relating to the legal implications of their short-term and long-term decisions and the processes of making the same, the day-to-day management of their businesses and social concerns, Corporate Governance and Compliance with regulatory laws and engaging with regulatory bodies.

The firm also runs the LAWPRENEURSHIP® Academy, serving leadership, management, and a workforce of Businesses, Social Enterprises, and Non-Governmental Organizations in the areas identified above.