• Institutions of Learning

We have operated within the private and public-school sector since 1997 as legal advisers on law and school management and business, consultants in the areas of establishing systems and develop policies, aimed at Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment® for children, child protection and school leadership training and in other general capacities.

By virtue of our interaction and engagement with the School System in Nigeria, we have gained tremendous insight into the operations of the School System and understand perfectly how the same works to achieve an enduring impact.

We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly within the School System and the factors responsible for the same.

It is our irresistible conclusion that the devil is always in the details we ignore as institutions of learning.  It is also an established fact that most details are hidden under the letters of the law, which are not always visible to untrained eyes. Therefore, where there are no eagle and trained eyes, deliberately engaged to fish them out, details are ignored, and they become the seed for peril.

Having focused immensely on this area since 1997, we possess the skills and eagle eyes to help institutions of learning gain countless steps ahead identifying details and responding to same with the right knowledge, skill and attitude.