Our vast legal consultancy services extend to being engaged by Non-Governmental Organizations of diverse interests under retainership arrangements on the subject matter of Corporate Governance, compliance with regulatory obligations, interface with regulatory bodies and authorities, proactively providing legal advice, responding to legal matters relating to employment, general contract, safety and security, Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment® for Children, providing Company Secretarial Services and conducting independent research on pressing issues relating to the legal and social existence of Non-Governmental Organizations in Nigeria.

Recently we engaged in research, which produced rich Position Papers on the following areas and subject matter, published in leading journals:

  1. Exposure Draft of the National Code of Corporate Governance of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) Of Nigeria
  1. Part F of Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020
  1. Under this retainership we offer to develop for children departments of religious places of worship and organisations SYSTEMS of Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment®, codified into an IMPLEMENTATION POLICY and broken down into PROCESSES OF EXECUTION, on which leaders, teachers, volunteers, parents and other stakeholders are sensitized and trained. The sensitization and training mentioned above also extend to children and train-the-trainer programs for primary and secondary parents.