1. Legal Audit: Conducting Preliminary Legal Audit through general review of existing policies, processes and corporate governance practices to ascertain the state of legal health and compliance (internal and external) of the engaging organization and offer immediate recommendations.
  1. General Legal Counsel: Offering General Legal Advice/Opinion/Response as preventive and early response measures.
  1. Specialized Legal Counsel: Offering Specific/Specialized Legal Advice, requiring specific or specialized attention.
  1. S.A.F.E® for Children Systems Approach:  Developing or Strengthening Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment® SYSTEMS, POLICIES and conducting induction and other training.
  1. Safer Recruitment and Human Resources Intervention: Provide preventive and curative legal advice on safer recruitment as it relates to working with children and concerning general Human Resources Intervention
  1. Drafting and Vetting of Documents and Contracts: there is more to a document and contracts/agreements than meets the ordinary eyes as every word, conjunction and even punctuation has legal meaning beyond what it means in the English language. We bring our legal expertise to guide you through the drafting processes and being our eyes to check the legal health of your documents.
  1. Interface with Regulatory Bodies and Updates: THE EXPERTS Interface with regulatory bodies, including initiating and exchanging correspondences, requesting and attending meetings and in any other capacity that this service may be required.
  1. Legal and Policy Alerts: Nigeria as a developing country churn out laws and policies seeking to regulate the school system and the business environment and school, and business organizations are not excused from compliance because of ignorance. It is our duty to bring such laws and policies to the knowledge of the prospects and advise them on how to effectively comply with same.