Gilgal Partner’s Career Development Initiative™ (GIPCAD)

The legal profession is rich and versatile. A certificate in the university and the Nigerian law school is a license to command the world to look in our direction for professional, social and economic succour.

We are called learned, not because we love the title, but because it is true. We know a bit of everything about everything. How? It is a trite knowledge that the law rules all things, and legal practitioners know where the laws are and lead the people there. We are also equipped to submit the law before the temple of justice for interpretation.

Our call to bar is a validation of two dominant gifts. The first is the ability to express ourselves in the finest of letters and help others to do so. The second is the ability to defend our cause with the power of the spoken word and to rescue the society with the same power. Thus, we are called solicitors and advocates of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Today, particularly in Nigeria, many of us, crowned learned men are living in abject poverty of soul and pocket. We are also caught in the web and the rat race of seeking the means of livelihood like the rest of society. This, to our mind, is an insult to our professional pedigree, located in the domain of the two biggest businesses in the world, speaking and writing. Our opportunities are too enormous for us to be jobless. I dare say that as a conscious legal practitioner, you can never be jobless.

The formal legal education in Nigeria today is fast losing touch with reality. The legal education in disseminating knowledge does not take into cognizance the prevailing social and economic realities of our nation, which the law is supposed to regulate. Because of this lack of proper foundation, graduating law students are not properly briefed as to the rich career opportunities available to them in the profession.

We believe that you do not correct an endemic professional anomaly by reaching out to the top. The top of the tree is always fully formed. Except by divine intervention, it is always an insurmountable task to teach an old dog, new tricks. Thus, the focus of Gilgal Partners’ Career Development Initiative is our learning colleagues, law undergraduates, in the universities and post-graduates at the Nigerian Law School.

GIPCAD™ focuses on career development for law undergraduates in view of the acute inadequacy of legal education in Nigeria, as enumerated above. This is achieved through mass education, using the platforms of the Faculties of Law in Nigerian Universities and The Nigerian Law School Campuses.


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